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First drop of our Spring 5panel hats are in.

The first drop of our spring products are in!

Check out our new premium herringbone 5 panel hat.

These hats are made with the best quality material and unlike some  other brands, these have a nice leather back strap and use the best herringbone fabric.



Ekta Boardsports Source Feature

We’ve just had a great feature in Boardsports Source, so click on the link below to check out the interview.


Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 20.35.19

New website underway!

So we are now in the progress of creating our new website.

In the next few weeks, this site will be upgraded to a shiny new one, with our new store, new boards and loads of other rad Ekta stuff!

Max Hawke ‘from the archives’ No comply tail stall deep in Barcelona

Max Hawke, no comply tail stall

Tom Gibbs – Fakie Hard flip, from the archives 2011

Here’s one from the archives, with Tom Gibbs fakie hard flipping in Barcelona, back in 2011.
Tom Gibbs - Fakie Hard flip 2011

From the Archives

Here’s a classic one from the crypt, with our good friend and ex-team rider, Neil Worthington’s photo of the wallie nose slide he somehow managed to pull off in the last promo.

Neil Worthington








Rhys Meek Tre Bomb

Here’s another one from the archives, Rhys Meek with a tre deep in Barcelona.

Don’t forget to hit us up on Instagram.

Rhys Meek Tre flip BCN

Gerard’s archive sequence

Here’s one from the archive, with Gerard producing a nose grind revert to switch manual in Malaga.

Gerard Nose Grind revert Seq

Happy New Year

Happy New Years from everyone here at Ekta.

In 2014 we’re sticking true to our roots, we’ve got some original graphics in the pipeline and a special drop on our favourites. So keep your eyes peeled and make sure to keep on checking the site.


Ekta Gore

The archives beginning with Max

So kick this all off, we thought it would be wrong not to start with someone who has been down since day one!

Click on the photo and you will go straight to the Ekta instagram page.

Max H - lipslide